Our Team

Jerry S. Paul

Jerry Paul enjoys nearly 3 decades of local, state and federal government experience as an elected official, Presidential appointee, attorney and private sector advocate. Mr. Paul holds degrees in Marine Engineering, Nuclear Engineering and Law. He has represented local governments and private entities as counsel and in the courtroom. He formerly served in the Florida Legislature and is recognized as an expert in the process and procedure of Florida  law-making. His diverse experience has made him a trusted resource for advice to private sector, for-profit and non-governmental organizations seeking to navigate the complex processes and strategies to positively influence governmental policy, campaigns, and public messaging.

Jerry formerly served as Chair of multiple Legislative Committees including those responsible for appropriations. He is recognized for his success in navigating the process of procuring funding for projects and programs within the Legislature and Executive Branch Agencies.

Rosanna “Ro” Catalano

Ro’s varied background as a lobbyist, trial attorney, television news producer, professor, university dean, and Executive Director of the Florida Elections Commission allows her to provide her clients with a unique perspective and skill set for solving problems and creating successful strategies.

For more than two decades, she has advocated on behalf of clients and organizations and made hundreds of presentations. She has extensive experience in making introductions for clients, Florida administrative law and compliance issues, higher education management, state budgets, procurement, litigation, and strategic planning. She is licensed to practice law in both Florida and the District of Columbia.

Ro’s hobbies include the cello, the Florida Gators, and cheering for her kids on the soccer field.

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